In a very real sense, the preschool-age child is an explorer who faces a future in unknown territory. As caregivers we are doing everything we can to get him/her ready for this great adventure. 

Those who succeed will have the flexibility of mind to find solutions to problems they encounter. They will be curious about how things work. They will be able to get along with and work well with others. They will continue to learn and adapt as their world continues to change. Children should feel that their teachers like having them around and that they are important to them and to the classmates. 

Children learn best when activities and materials offer just enough challenge—they are neither so easy that they are boring nor so difficult that they lead to frustration. Preschoolers need materials and equipment that will spark their interest: they thrive when they are able to experiment, test things out for themselves, and draw their own conclusions. 

Age Appropriate Curriculum for Preschoolers: We use Teaching Strategies to Provide early academic and school skills. 

PHL PreK to provide high quality pre-school and wrap around care to support you and your child.

PreK room at Sun Bright Childcare