Health & Safety

Health and Safety techniques at Sun Bright Childcare is of utmost importance specially in these covid times. The center is cleaned, disinfected through out the day. The Daycare is also steam cleaned each day.

We have multiple toilets and bathrooms for children, and staff restroom is separate from children’s.

Wearing mask and hand washing is of utmost importance in spread of virus. Our classrooms have hand washing sinks for throughout the days hand washing at our daycare.

Temperature of each child is taken upon arrival. If child has temperature the child needs to stay home.

Health and Safety used at Sun Bright Childcare. Practice these yourself and with children to keep everyone Healthy and Safe.

What you need to know about handwashing.

Happy Hand washing Song

How to Cover Coughs and Sneeze

How to Wear a Mask

Wearing A Mask Story for Children