Enrollment Forms

Student Enrollment Form Complete Sets- Printable

  1. Sun Bright Complete Application Packet for Enrolling one or 2 children– Click Here
  2. PHL- PreK Forms ( for 3 and 4 Year by Sept 1) – PDF– Click Here
  3. List of Document Need

Please print the forms, fill and sign.

Forms of Each type- Printable

  1. Sun Bright Child Enrollment Form for Food- Fill One per Child
  2. Sun Bright Family Eligibility Form for Food – Fill One per Family
  3. Child Health Record Forms ( for doctor to Fill Every year) – PDF
  4. Health and Safety Form for Parents- Please Print fill and Sign
  5. Transportation Form PDF
  6. Emergency Contact Form
  7. Enrollment Forms – PDF

How to get the Form to Sun Bright Childcare?

  1. Please drop it at the center, at 1102 Rising Sun Ave
  2. Drop at Mail Box outside Center on 1102 Rising Sun Ave
  3. Fax at 215-225-9978,
  4. Mail at Sun Bright Childcare 1102 Rising Sun Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19140 4.
  5. Email us at info@ sunbrightchildcare.com