School Age Program


 FREE CHILD CARE: If you don’t have Child care Subsidy–  There is no waitlist- Apply Now here- I

If you already have Child care Subsidy- Don’t lose your subsidy–  Important information ELRC for families: Parents to submit your redetermination paperwork timely, even if they are not currently working. During this crisis, parents who are not working at redetermination will be granted “presumptive eligibility” for 92 days from their redetermination due date. If they are still not working at the end of that 92-day period, another 92 days will be granted. Parents who are working and whose paystubs may reflect overtime or a pay differential (i.e. hazard pay) should know that this amount will be disregarded when calculating their income for eligibility and co-payments. Parents can get additional information, including forms that they can print and submit, on our ELRC 18 website on the Parents’ Corner tab.