Sun Bright is a fully licensed by state &  certified Keystone STAR-4 preschool & child care center in North Philadelphia  offering high-quality early childhood learning experiences.

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Open 6 am to 9 PM M-F

Saturday – Sunday – 7 am to 5 pm
Sun Bright Star 4
Free PHL Prek

Sun Bright is enrolling for Free PreK. Limited space. Enroll today. Call 215-225-9977

Sun Bright Child care is now accepting infants and toddlers.  Sun Bright also has openings in the preschool and school age rooms.  Sun Bright is a fully state licensed Star 4 high quality, with Free Pre-K daycare facility.  Sun Bright daycare provides transportation to and from schools.

School Age Program at Sun Bright Childcare while school is only online.

Sun Bright is offering full day program for 2020, so that you can work and your child keeps up with school during Covid times. We are here to support School Age Children and help them attend virtual classrooms. School District of Philadelphia is offering only online classes. We can support your child. We have Wifi, computers, Teachers to assist them in attending virtual class. When the schools do open, we provide transportation to and from area schools. Call us today at 215-225-9977.

Sun Bright Olney Academy